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Prior to having lots of babies and moving to a farm house that was full of health destroying mold, I was always physically active and exercise was a part of my every day life. When I was in Graduate school for Exercise Physiology I remember saying to one of the professors, ” Can I just say exercise helps every single aspect of health and not have to take all of these classes?” Ha… young arrogance but it is true exercise helps with Everything!! Unless you overdo it and stress  your adrenals which has a whole cascade of effects down your hormonal and metabolic pathways. That is why I love Interval training because it is based on science and how to stimulate the right systems without overworking the wrong ones.

Having health challenges that don’t seem to make sense to you or anyone else can be absolutely devastating and downright depressing. When I was struggling and at my lowest point my practitioner recommended that I start doing High Intensity Interval Training. At the time I was so completely scrawny and out of shape. I had no strength at all and only wanted to lay in bed all day as I struggled to raise young children. I decided to give it a shot and, although I struggled at first, the results were quick. Just getting my heart rate up and muscles firing again helped me feel better about life instantly. As I continued I started to notice muscles that were not previously showing themselves and continued to feel better. Although my health journey required lots of supplements, IVs, and dietary changes as well as blood sugar motoring, the Interval training was by far the most helpful and life/health changing for me.</p>

I wrote my book to help educate people about how High Intensity Interval Training stimulates Brain Derived Neurotrophic factor (BDNF) which is the substance that helps to repair brain cells that have been injured. It is also one of the best ways to exercise without stressing out the adrenals and overworking the muscles.

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Michelle B Galyardt, MS holds a. Master's Degree in Exercise Physiology, is a Certified Muscle Activation Techniques Specialist, Certified Crossfit Level 1Trainer, Functional Nutritionist, and Life Coach. Having overcome her own health struggles, she has a deep passion for using her personal experience and professional training to help others feel their best.

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