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High intensity Interval Training

All workouts are 9-11 mins long and can be done from home with little to no equipment. The most that would be. needed in these is a sturdy chair, wall and maybe a stool or box. There are workouts for beginners or those with tender joints, as well as intermediate and advanced workouts.

Pilates and Yoga for the Warrior

Learn Deep Core Training in a safe environment. Michelle has extensive training in core restoration and proper form that most exercise professionals are not trained in. Crank up that heart rate, breather deep, and train deeper core muscles as we have fun with this melting of two exercise fields.

Workouts With Equipment

Now incorporating workouts for those who have some equipment at home but don’t know how to use it safely or want some motivation doing workouts at home. These are also a great way to learn how to stay in your target heart rate to get the best health benefits and keep your adrenals strong.

These workouts are fun and I love the freedom of getting a great workout at home with no mask like at the gym.It is much cheaper than a gym membership too”


Let’s DO This.

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