The Mind is the Core of all health and happiness

The Mind is the Core of all health and Happiness

MindCore Method

The MindCore Method is based on the idea that the Mind is the Core of all health and wellness. We can do a lot to change the physiology of the body from the outside but when we still have “sick thinking” we will never reach our optimal level of health.

I do believe it is our fate and purpose to be healthy in mind and body and from that healthy place help and love others. When we live stuck in ‘sick thinking’ like believing we are a victim, believing things just happen TO us or sort for the negative in our lives, we are missing out on our God given purpose. MindCore Method is a way of transforming the mind to look for what is working in our lives and find gratitude. From this place of empowerment we can spread our gifts.

MindCore Coaching

MindCore Coaching

HIIT Membership

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MindCore HIIT Membership

This membership includes access to all past and current High Intensity Interval Training classes to get you moving toward greater health and fitness.

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