The Mind is the Core of all Health and Happiness

MindCore Method Coaching

The MindCore Method is based on the idea that the Mind is the Core of all health and wellness. We can do a lot to change the physiology of the body from the outside but when we still have “sick thinking” we will never reach our optimal level of health.

I do believe it is our fate and purpose to be healthy in mind and body and from that healthy place help and love others. When we live stuck in ‘sick thinking’ like believing we are a victim, believing things just happen TO us or sort for the negative in our lives, we are missing out on our God given purpose. MindCore Method is a way of transforming the mind to look for what is working in our lives and find gratitude. From this place of empowerment we can spread our gifts.

The mind is a computer and if we set it loose it will create and program whatever it wants. With MindCore Coaching you learn how to gain control of your thinking and choose what you allow and what you do not
Happiness is a choice. It is not just luck of the draw or good things happening to us. We choose how we start our days.. with gratitude or regret?
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How do you start each day? Do you grumble yourself awake and head straight for your phone or do you stop and spend time creating what you want your day to look like?
Do you need help knowing what to do?
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What people are saying about MindCore

“I have been doing MindCore with Michelle Galyardt and it has changed me. It is amazing


This isn’t an exercise and diet program that fits in with your busy schedule. This is a mind shifting experience that sharpens your brain function, creates more time and actually helps you craft the lifestyle you WANT.

I was always taking care of everyone else, and constantly feeling so drained. After two months of MindCore, I felt more energized than I have been in years. My mind feels more clear, and I am feeling really great about my body and what I am doing to take care of me.”


‘I went from a level 9 anxiety to a level 2 in two months” -Misty S

MindCore HIIT Membership

This membership includes access to all past and current High Intensity Interval Training classes to get you moving toward greater health and fitness.

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