Do I really do H.I.I.T for just 10 mins?

I get asked this question all the time. “You are so slim, you don’t really work out so little” and “So if I do your workouts will I look like you?” It honestly saddens me that society has been so indoctrinated by media and social media that they have lost touch with how health works. Health is a component of what we eat, how we eat it, why we eat it, what time of day we ate it, what did we combine the food with, how we combined the foods together …and whether we got up and moved today. Did I mention that food is a Massive aspect of health? It matters what we put into our bodies just as much as how we move our bodies.

I exercise because of all the massive health benefits of movement and of raising the heart rate and of gaining muscle strength. I also exercise to maintain muscle mass which increasingly decreases with age. Other major benefits are how exercise stimulates the immune system, Brain Derived Neurotrophic Factor for rebuilding brain and nervous system cells, for how it balances moods and blood sugar and benefits the hormonal cascade in the body. Exercise is phenomenal for health. I always say that movement is life. if we aren’t moving we are dying. I also work hard to stay strong so that I can stay as active as my teenage boys and go mountain biking and deep sea fishing rather than sitting out watching.

Exercise is phenomenal when done correctly but unfortunately it is often used as an punishment to “correct” the sins of our diets. let me say this very clearly… You can NOT out-exercise a poor diet!! What?? What am I saying? I am saying. that health does not happen from eating a bunch of junk and then hopping on an exercise machine to torture yourself to “burn calories”. I don’t EVER count calories. I have no clue how much sugar I eat. I generally don’t eat any carbohydrates because they don’t work for my brain or blood sugar, and they probably don’t work for your either, but I don’t count or restrict or use some mathematical equation to be healthy.

I eat what I know my body can eat to maintain blood sugar and avoid inflammation as well as digestive issues and I do a moderate 10-15 minute workout 6 days a week. Sometimes I will walk/ jog one mile staying in my target heart rate and sometimes I just lift weights or do my H.I.I.T workouts. That is truly the secret sauce. None of us are getting any younger any time soon and if you are still pretty young you will never get another body so don’t wreck and abuse the one you have. Trust me I lived PLENTY in college and am still recovering today. I don’t recommend that path. Treat your body as the temple you are given for this lifetime and you will reap the benefits of actually being able to live your purpose on this earth rather than wasting time trying to recover the health you were meant to have if you had listened to your body in the first place.

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Michelle B Galyardt, MS holds a. Master's Degree in Exercise Physiology, is a Certified Muscle Activation Techniques Specialist, Certified Crossfit Level 1Trainer, Functional Nutritionist, and Life Coach. Having overcome her own health struggles, she has a deep passion for using her personal experience and professional training to help others feel their best.

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