MindCore Method Coaching

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MindCore Method was designed to include weekly coaching sessions in which we dive deep into anything that is holding you back from your highest and greatest version of yourself. These include weekly one hour video calls which can cover mindset, nutrition, exercise questions, and NLP life coaching sessions for anxiety, lack or drive, negative self talk or hidden blocks that keep you from living to your full potential. Using my training in Neuro-Lingusitics Programming, Cognitive Behavioral Theory, Emotional freedom technique and much more I will access whatever life jewel you need to get the individualized results you needs to live your best life.

Need Exercise Motivation?

Listen I honestly don’t like to workout any more than you do but I know what my health and life are like without it and I know that the H.I.I.T has had the most profound benefit to my entire wellbeing. We will sit down and come up with a plan for what works best for you and then I will hold you accountable so that you accomplish your goals. you also have full access to all. of the videos in. the membership.

What is Life Coaching?

Have you ever watched a movie that you detested and then said, ” I am going to watch that movie 100 more times just for fun”? I bet you have not but we do the same thing in our minds when we replay traumatic memories over and over in our heads. We actually program our mind to focus on that negative event or the insult we heard that we held onto. In doing so you deny the beauty available to you right now. With Life Coaching we are able to uncover what our unconscious programming is and find creative ways to take control over what we choose to. think and believe instead.

What Path should You Take?

Are you just feeling sick and tired of feeling sick and tired? Not sure what path to take? Are you experiencing brain fog, mental fatigue, lack or energy and desire and just plain tired and out of shape? I have the tools to guide you back to your Center.

“I have been doing MindCore with Michelle Galyardt and it has changed me. It is amazing” 


“I was always taking care of everyone else, and constantly feeling so drained. After two months of MindCore, I felt more energized than I have been in years. My mind feels more clear, and I am feeling really great about my body and what I am doing to take care of me.”